Chanel Broaches / Button Pins Chanel Logo, Camille, Maltese Cross and Karl Lagerfeld

  • Rental price upon request

An assortment of Chanel Broaches and Button Pins. 

One pin is big, red with Chanel written on it. 

One pin is big, mauve with the Chanel CC logo on it. 

One pin is medium, black with crystal trim and Maltese Cross on it. 

One pin is medium, pink with black crystals and a Camille flower on it. 

One pin is medium, gray with Karl Lagerfeld's face on it. 

Excellent Condition. 

Rental Only - Rental Price upon request.

In case of loss, damage, theft or unauthorized alteration - client will be charged the item’s replacement value listed on the Paumé Los Angeles check-out rental invoice.