M&S Smallberg Dramatic Black Fabric Flower

  • Rental price upon request

From luxury silk flower couturier M&S Smallberg; based in New York City. A dramatic black fabric flower hand-crafted with petals that have a shine to them against a backdrop of matte petals. Could be utilized as a corsage, brooch or hair accessory. 

M&S Smallberg is a artisanal fabric flower producer, the last business of its kind still standing in the heart of the garment district in New York City. The business was founded in 1916 by brothers Morris and Sam Smallberg and is proud to continue the tradition of creating exquisite and glamorous hand-crafted fabric flowers for the New York fashion industry. 

One size fits all. Please inquire for exact measurements. 

Excellent Condition.

Rental Only - Rental Price upon request.

In case of loss, damage, theft or unauthorized alteration - client will be charged the item’s replacement value listed on the Paumé Los Angeles check-out rental invoice.