Vintage Emerald Hammered Satin Bustier Dress Halston Style

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Vintage emerald hammered satin bustier dress with build in corset and front tie. 

No Label but strikingly similar to the famous Halston Front tie dress.

See below - the beige hammered satin front tie Halston Dress was featured in an exhibition at the FIT Museum in New York. Also shown - Lee Radziwill in the said Halston front tie dress in 1976 and Marissa Berenson in the same dress in an editorial from the 1970's. 

Size Small Size Medium 

Corset Bust 16", Waist 16.5", Length 47"

Excellent Condition

Rental Only - Rental Price upon request.

In case of loss, damage, theft or unauthorized alteration - client will be charged the item’s replacement value listed on the Paumé Los Angeles check-out rental invoice.