Patti Wilson talks to #Paumé Journal about her love for fashion, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia and her Vogue HK Shoot with Kate Moss

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Paumé: Do you have 5 minutes?

Patti Wilson: For you I have 20 minutes.

Paumé: Do you have a favorite Paumé Piece at the moment? Your #PauméPick? 

Patti Wilson: That’s a hard one because I love ALL the Alber Elbaz era Lanvin jewelry pieces. They are so special - the eagle, the heart necklace, the Art Deco Dedale collection, the 60’s saucer disc which I used yesterday. But also all the pieces that I haven’t used yet. I can’t pick just one - I’m sorry.


Paumé: How would you describe Paumé in one or two words?

Patti Wilson: Extraordinary and unique.

Paumé: Favorite Ice cream Flavor?

Patti Wilson: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia - with tons of Cherries.  

Paumé: Sharing a pint of Cherry Garcia with you – after dropping off samples to your Hotel room - picking out the chocolate chips – so you can have only ice cream and cherries – while watching Sex & The City reruns - is so far one of the best moments of 2021.

Patti Wilson: That was a great evening.

Paumé: First fashion memory? What made you fall in love with fashion? 

Patti Wilson: Looking back it sounds so stupid but there was a girl in my high school who was a model. Her name was Myrna Widmeyer and she appeared in Seventeen Magazine. I just couldn’t believe that I was in the same high school, in the same room with this girl who was in Seventeen Magazine. I got obsessed watching the way she would dress - you know we had to wear uniforms but she always wore something black, something chic, like black shoes or an accessory. She had really great style. It was the first time I noticed how much you can do with great styling.  And the fact that she was in Seventeen Magazine just really blew my mind. 

Paumé: Minimalism or sexy? 

Patti Wilson: Oh I like it both - but sexy is coming back. People have been couped up inside and they want to come out, it’s all coming out. It’s only 70 degrees in NYC but the girl’s belly buttons are out already. People want to have fun and I think fashion will reflect that. Look at my Michael Halpern – he went totally sexy for Fall. But I also love the intellectual side of fashion, the big puffs, the oversized and the done up. So I think it’s going to be both. There is space for everything these days. Whatever it is though – it needs to be well done. 


Paumé: What is your current favorite thing to wear that you can’t live without? 

Patti Wilson: Hands down my Chanel Mirco Mini bag – it changed my life. I wear it as a necklace at all times and I don’t have to look for my cards anymore. 


Paumé: Favorite fashion decade?

Patti Wilson: The 90’s – that’s the first time – the underground came up and it all changed from the bottom up. It was all evening gowns and all the big label names of the 80’s and these kids came in and said ‘we are not into this’. They destroyed everything, turned things upside down and inside out. Literally. And I like that – because I like the new and the unexpected. 

Paumé: Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Patti Wilson: Christmas – because I get to stay in bed.

Paumé: Something you can not believe you used to wear?

Patti Wilson: High Heels!

Paumé: But you do love a platform.

Patti Wilson: Oh yes – give me the Comme des Garcons & Nike platforms forever. R13 just came out with a platform. Wanna see them? [Brings out her new platform shoes and holds them into the camera] Aren’t they fabulous?


Paumé: Coffee or Tea?

Patti Wilson: Tea. Chai Latte!

Paumé: What is the last photo you took on your phone?

Patti Wilson: I really can’t say what it is for – but it’s fabulous - a picture of beautiful Carolyn Murphy.

Paumé: What do you cook or bake better than others? 

Patti Wilson: Chicken.

Paumé: Who is your dreamboat? Current crush? Or someone you'd like to meet? 

Patti Wilson: Michael B. Jordan! And a private dance with Channing Tatum.

Paumé: What is your favorite smell/scent?

Patti Wilson: Fracas by Robert Piguet


Paumé: What’s the last movie you have seen that really moved you?

Patti Wilson: Imitation of life. Isn’t it wild, I have seen it so many times, but it still does it. I cried. Lana Turner!!!

Paumé: Landline or iPhone? Meaning would you prefer if we went back to answering machines and landlines or do you like having the touch screen cell phone always available, always connected?

Patti Wilson: I love the Iphone!

Paumé: Your latest fashion splurge? Or something on your fashion wish list radar?

Patti Wilson: I love wearing my Patou hoops. So more Patou and some Schiaparelli jewelry please.



Paumé: What’s your secret accessory weapon? Something that makes you feel good or always looks good on you!

Patti Wilson: My Tom Ford Sunglasses – they just fit my face perfectly. I would always buy more sunglasses but I have had these for 2 seasons and I am still not done.

Paumé: Do you have a nickname?

Patti Wilson: No - but I have a secret styling alias.

Paumé: You mean there is a Patti Wilson incognito?

Patti Wilson: I guess so. [laughing] You wanna know what it is?

Paumé: Yes please!

Patti Wilson: It’s XXX [censored by Paumé – we can keep a secret]. I can’t believe I told you this.

Paumé: So when does XXX come out instead of Patti Wilson?

Patti Wilson: It comes out when the stuff is really out there! You know, every now and then for my under the radar passion projects.

Paumé: Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Patti Wilson: I’m around the clock!

Paumé: What is your most annoying habit? 

Patti Wilson: Gossiping – it’s such a fashion thing. Nothing mean, but you know – I always want to know what’s going on, what’s new.  

Paumé: Riding a motorcycle or surfing?

Patti Wilson: Riding a motorcycle!

Paumé: Let’s talk about the shoot. What was the inspiration behind it?

Patti Wilson: The inspiration was Punk - in juxtaposition with the beautiful jewelry that Kate designed in collaboration with Messika. Diamonds & fine jewels mixed with iconic Kate Rock-Chick aesthetic. 

Paumé: Because of Corona you couldn’t physically be there in Paris on the shoot…

[Interrupts] … 

Patti Wilson: Omg, because of lockdown this shoot moved from country to country. London to Mustique back to London and finally it was shot in Paris. Getting the clothes together was so tough because each country was in different phases of the lockdown.

Paumé: It must have been frustrating not to be there. You come up with the concept, you do the prep, deal with the logistics of getting everything to the shoot and then you are not there to see it all through.

Patti Wilson: I was lucky my friend Sasa [Stylist Sasa Thomann] was able to be there and be the on set stylist and we worked together via Zoom. We had fittings the night before and zoomed the whole shoot through. I am very grateful to Sasa because that wasn’t easy.

Paumé: Any positive upside to styling via Zoom?

Patti Wilson: Not really. I am very hands on. I guess I didn’t get jetlag -that is something.

Paumé: Special thanks to? The surprise thing - the one item, designer piece or person that “made” the shoot? 

Patti Wilson: The Comme des Garcons team really came through, they sent this huge Noir [Noir Kei Ninomiya] piece first to London and somehow they got it to Paris in time. That was a life saver, such a beautiful outfit on her.



Paumé: Describe Kate in one word.

Patti Wilson: Lovely!

Paumé: Over the years you created some fabulous work with the photographers of this shoot Luigi & Iango. I am sure there are many but gives us one thing you love about them.

Patti Wilson: Their drive. Their strive for perfection, they really care and love fashion. They want it to be correct and I love them for that.

Paumé: What’s your favorite part of a shoot?

Patti Wilson: Putting the puzzle, the pieces together. I love it. It gets me really excited. When you are on set and you see it all coming together, especially when its right – it’s like a relief and it’s wonderful. 

Paumé: Who - dead or alive – photographer or designer, singer, actor or historical figure - would you want to work with that you HAVEN’T worked with before?

Patti Wilson[Thinking out loud] Mmmmhhh ….she is dead but I did work with her…so not her… I also worked with her…[to us] … I am very fortunate I worked with so many greats. But you know who I would have liked to work with in a fashion way – Richard Avedon. I worked with him on a commercial only.

Paumé: You worked with Richard Avedon? I didn’t know that.

Patti Wilson: Yes on a black hair campaign for like Loreal or Clairol or Revlon. I was the stylist but he wanted to use me on it – as model. [laughing]…he thought I would be a great model. Can you believe that? 

Paumé: Yes! Are you telling me there is a picture of you in a Loreal Hair Campaign shot by Richard Avedon?

Patti Wilson: No I was horrified, he kept saying “I like the way HER hair looks”. I had crazy hair at that time, crazy braids, it was stuff that wasn’t done at that time. The art director was so worried that he was really going to push it and put me in the shoot. Avedon kept saying “she is the best one here” – now isn’t that fabulous?

Paumé: If you were not a Stylist what would you be?

Patti Wilson: Maybe an actress?

Paumé: What would you change about the fashion industry?

Patti Wilson: Well it’s getting really good now. Everything is so inclusive, they got the young kids going, they got the black kids going, all races, all body types, all genders. I feel excited, I want to see where this is going. 

Paumé: There is a definite change happening.

Patti Wilson: Yes, you better hop on board. The budgets are in the dumps but it makes people rethink and explore. We got to be creative. Try new things. Look at Marc Jacobs, what he is doing with Heaven, I love it.


Paumé: What do you feel is your contribution to the fashion industry? Your mark, your stink?

Patti Wilson: Giving the young kids a chance. I believe in that!

Paumé: And you did - always supporting the young and up and coming. You certainly made things more fun. 

Patti Wilson: Ah – thanks – you know I don’t like talking about myself.

Paumé: Your styling always has a unique twist - the cherry on top if you like – where does it come from? How does it happen? Do you plan it?

Patti Wilson: I don’t plan it that’s for sure. The outfit needs to make me feel happy when I look at it, it needs to feel finished. What the special thing is, I don’t know but I keep looking until I find it. 

Paumé: What’s next for you? 

Patti Wilson: I don’t know but I always want to do more.


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